Monday, February 17, 2014

An Industry Transformed

From the Gutenberg’s printing press to modern inkjet printers using state of the art ink and thousands of dots per inch, the printing industry has gone through many stages of transformations. It started out with manual type or mold set images but with the advent of the digital imaging and the internet has changed rapidly.
Prior to digital printers all images had to be manually typeset or created and then printed. Now we have the capability to change and enhance an image on a monitor and mass produce it with the click of a button. In terms of how artwork is created and stored, digital files have drastically changed the industry. Artwork and photographs can be stored on a digital file and transferred anywhere in the world, for instance a printing studio that can make an extremely high quality print of the image.

People in their homes and professional studios can touch up images and do color correction quickly and cheaply using photoshop and wirelessly send this image to an inkjet printer. These advancements have created a drastically different printing industry from 15 years ago and the companies that have kept pace with technology have profited heavily. 

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