Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Effectiveness of Advertising With Different Substrates

        Reaching possible consumers is the goal of businesses if you can’t sell products you won’t make any money. For this reason, businesses are constantly on the search for cheaper and more effective ways of advertising to consumers. For short-term promotions or events, it doesn’t make sense to create a large scale, expensive 3-dimensional advertisement. Instead it is cheaper and quicker to create printed works on substrates such as scrim or removable vinyl. Both of these are specifically designed to give a template with an extremely wide color gamut and excellent environmental resistance. 

         Used as banners for events such as trade shows or sidewalk promotions for businesses, this is an extremely versatile substrate. It allows for easily customizable advertisements that are very easy to place. The time between the wanted print being submitted to the print shop and a finished print being created is less then a week. This short turn around time enables promotions to be easily altered depending on consumer tastes. Banners made from scrim are easily customizable, a new banner simply requires a tweak in the submitted file. This is perfect for events such as trade shows that print a different banner for each city, they can have all of them made at once and simply use the appropriate one. 
         The reason scrim is used so extensively for banners and displays are its high levels of environmental resistance. For such a material with its flexibility and color gamut, it is very rugged and is often rated at several months of outdoor exposure before it starts to degrade. This gives store owners who want a sidewalk display or a one time event the ability to leave their banner outside for long periods of time and reach as many consumers as possible. 

Removable Vinyl:
          Removable vinyl has two layers: the top vinyl portion, which has an adhesive on the back and the layer covering up the adhesive. It is perfect for applications such as displays in windows or stickers. Starting off a initially one piece substrate it can be printed on using traditional printing techniques and then applied to the particular substrate. 

         One important factor to consider is the texture of the applied surface. The more area that is adhered between the two surfaces equates to higher levels of strength. This is especially important to think about if it is to be displayed outdoors. The surface of most removable vinyl’s is designed to be resistant to damage by moisture and UV exposure, while providing a high quality surface to be printed on. 


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