Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Canvas?

With the advent of digital technology, having your prints transferred to canvas is cheaper and easier then ever before. Instead of printing your family photos at home on your personal inkjet printer on so called ‘photo paper’ you could instead have it printed on canvas and professionally stretched on a gallery quality frame for as little as 20 dollars. 
Professional canvas services can take a high quality scan of your photograph or use a digital file if the resolution is high enough and digitally enhance it. If there are minor color or lighting issues, these can usually be corrected prior to printing. The canvases used by these services are of a much higher quality then the photo paper available for use at home. The key advantages of canvas prints are as follows:


Canvas has a textured surface that paper cannot compare to, images printed on canvas take on the texture of the canvas and give a realistic appearance. This gives your prints a unique, personal appearance. 

Image Quality:

When you send an image into a studio they are not using the same kind of inkjet printer to print the image as you have at home. They are instead using an extremely high resolution, wide format printer manufactured by one of the best known companies, such as Epson or Canon. This image is going to have a much higher resolution and color accuracy then an image printed at home. Studios can also do slight image enhancements with Photoshop such as shadow or color correction.

Professional Appearance:

Canvas stretched over stretcher bars has a much more professional appearance then any other form of media. Even a fine art print on paper cannot match it, paper must be framed behind glass and canvas can be out in the environment. This leads to less distraction from the image itself and having it look like it came from a gallery is sure to impress your visitors. 


Paper is not the most durable substrate to have a long lasting memories etched on, however, canvas is. Canvas can be left outside uncovered and it will not deteriorate like paper. In addition, it is much easier to mount because instead of having to put a glass framed paper up, one can instead simply mount the framed canvas. 

Price and Convenience:

Never before have high quality prints been available as cheaply as now. It is as easy as sending a digital file to a printer service and paying for it. Prices range depending on the size of the print, but they start at around 20 dollars. 


Most art in someone’s home is purchased to fit in a specific place and canvas prints can be custom ordered to fit perfectly. It can range from 8x8 to as large as 72x54, which gives great variability in the size of your art. 


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